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Hello, we are Paul and Darci Dunn with eXp Realty here in fabulous Tucson AZ!

Since the early '90's we've been able to help countless numbers of clients buy, sell and finance real estate transactions.  Paul has even spent the last decade coaching other real estate agents nationwide with their marketing so they could have the most impact for their customers.

After years of working in both real estate and mortgage, we discovered 3 things that we felt could fix and improve any real estate transaction.


The buyer's agents legal responsibility is to negotiate AGAINST YOU and get the BEST terms and price FROM YOU, the seller!

Think about that for a moment...

The seller is paying someone to negotiate AGAINST their best interests!

The buyer agent's job is to TAKE money from the seller's pocket, yete the seller PAYS THE BUYERS AGENT!

Why would any seller EVER want to be doing that?

"Well, that's just the way it's always been done" just cannot be answer.  And that's the answer 99.9% of all real estate agents will tell you..

This NEVER made any sense to us.

So we created a system that requires the BUYER PAY THE BUYER'S AGENT COMMISSION, not you!

Second, the minute a listing price has been established on a home and placed live on the MLS, the value has been set.  PERIOD!  The seller may get a little bit more or a little bit less for the home, but that's it!

So, why should a seller be forced to establish a ceiling on how much a buyer CAN or WILL pay them?

That's CRAZY too, right?

If you're a seller, here's a CRITICAL point you should understand.. the BUYER is the ONLY person who establishes a homes value.. NOT the real estate agent, NOT the appraiser and NOT the home seller!

Only the person who is willing to write a check can set the value of a property!

So, how does hiring the right agent affect the price a seller receives?

It's SIMPLE, a real estate agents REAL job is to get as many potential buyers as possible to see your home.  

We get buyers to fall in love with your home, make sure they have cash AND/OR approved financing to close on the home and reduce the overall stress of selling a home.

Business savvy Agents spend 24/7/365 days a year and tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes in excess of $100,000 per year) on marketing with the sole purpose of finding buyers for their listings!

Our AGGRESSIVE marketing system driving potential buyers to the home is paramount to putting the most amount of money in YOUR pocket.

Hiring the "wrong" agent could cost you thousands of dollars.  Every week we see listing agents making costly mistakes that their seller will never know about.  

We knew we had to create a way for sellers to know that absolutely NO money was left on the table.

That brings up the THIRD and last issue we wanted to correct..

Right now, in a traditional listing each and every offer is a BLIND BID!

This means that every buyer making an offer is guessing at what to offer and hoping their offer is the best..

And we all know "HOPE" is not a good strategy for a buyer who REALLY wants your home.

What we really needed was an OPEN and TRANSPARENT real estate transaction and process.

A process where the seller could list their home without setting a ceiling on the price they want.

A process that transparently shows the buyer EXACTLY what they need to offer to make this their future home.

So transparent that each and every buyer can see WHO ELSE is making offers and HOW MUCH they are offering!

No more highest and best offers potentialy leaving money on the table.

We establish a hard deadline to make an offer, psychologically creating a sense of urgency on the buyer's end.

Think of it like eBay for home sales where the buyer openly competes for your home by watching the competition's bids and continuing to raise their offer in real time!

That pressure gets buyers to start making "emotional" decisions, NOT logical ones.  How could they miss out on the home of their dreams for just an extra $500?

Still a little skeptical?

Go down to the County Courthouse and watch the bank foreclosure auctions take place!

You'll see EVERY bidder pays more than they initially planned to!  That's why banks, the government and high end sellers sell their homes in that manner!

They simply NET MORE money!

Remember, when buyers compete the seller ALWAYS wins!

But the buyer also wins by getting the home they wanted!  If a buyer REALLY wants a specific home, they have the ability to pay whatever is necessary to get it.

Both parties get what they want..  The seller gets the highest possible price in just 14 days (there's a very strategic reason we go 14 days and not try to go shorter) AND the buyer gets the home of their dreams!  A win - win for both parties!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing an agent should be able to offer you as a seller is a platform that allows the buyer to pay as MUCH as they WANT for your home AND make sure YOU RECEIVE the HIGHEST sales price possible.

Until now, there was NO platform like that for the everyday home seller to maximize the equity in their home.

So we went out and created our own system to accomplish all of this for home sellers. 

Our team of more than 1,000 agents across the US and Canada are utilizing our Online Offers platform that we created in order to NET home sellers the HIGHEST price possible, in just 14 days.

Netting sellers more money because they let the transparent bidding pay the true market value AND they are NOT PAYING A BUYER'S AGENT to negotiate against them!

Now we're making it available in Tucson AZ!

One more thing.. maybe you've thought about getting some of the low-ball cash offers you've been seeing on TV because you just want to sell fast and eliminate the hassles..

Don't even think about it..

We can get your home under contract in just 14 days without any hassles.

Heck, we aren't even putting a lockbox on the home!

But, if you REALLY want to explore your cash offer options, we work with an extensive network of hedge funds and institutional investors, so let us help you look at your CASH BUYER options.

About 25% of our investors will pay market value for your home and turn it into a rental property!

So, if you're ready to get your home sold NOW and want to net the most money for the least hassle, Schedule a 15 minute consult to get your home listed now!